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Two Years In The Making

  • By: Richard Wan
  • Monday, August 30, 2021

Hopefully you are familiar with RefermyJobs and our new concept of job advertising. If you haven’t then have a read through our previous blogs to discover our why.

Year 1 alpha testing followed by year 2 beta testing has been a stressful journey, and while we are still fine tuning we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you have an idea or looking to start your own business then I would highly recommend it! The one piece of advice is every business has different timelines so stop comparing yourself with others! Start with your concept and what should motivate you is delivering your company aim and vision.

During the test phase we were lucky to have various companies post their job adverts with us, and this support/feedback went a long way to getting our job board operational. We also had a strong desire to fill every vacancy but unfortunately this wasn’t the case as growing your brand and online presence on a shoestring budget takes time. The first part of the good news is there is nothing to pay for any unsuccessful adverts as that is how our business model works.

As we approach the end of year 2 beta testing, we finally achieved our first sale! We helped Birth, Baby & Beyond with their multi-drop van driver job advert. We shortlisted 5 candidates and also gave our input on 7 candidates they identified from their own process. 

BB&B interviewed and finally secured their new candidate! RefermyJobs paid for their advert and 1 month after the candidate started then it was time to do the great part of donating the £200 referral fee. We had such a strong feeling of pride helping BB&B secure their candidate (who now helps them distribute baby packages to families in need), AND, their donation to Get Well Gamers helps a great charity get gaming consoles to sick children in hospitals across the UK.

That is the real value of our model so if you have a job vacancy then post it with RefermyJobs to help us improve the local community. This is what motivates us in the morning and why we do what we do.