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The Heart Warming Truth About Care Work

  • By: Richard Wan
  • Monday, June 7, 2021

RefermyJobs have been taking part in the government kickstart scheme, which gives 16-24-year-olds a 6-month work placement. We are delighted to have Gemma Pedder join us as our Social Media Executive. Gemma has previously worked as a Carer, and in line with Carers Week, she wrote a fantastic blog which we are delighted to share. 

Take it away, Gemma:


What do we typically picture when we think of the care sector? 

We, of course, start with the obvious; someone doing personal care, working all day, looking after the vulnerable. Assisting those that need it most.

One episode of ‘Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience’ highlights perfectly the daily responsibility of a Care Worker, and we are reminded how essential, emotional and challenging the care sector is. The episode began with Rhod receiving his health and safety training. We witnessed a bit of back-and-forth laughter between Rhod and the trainers. However, at one point, the trainer reiterated that whilst you assist your client, you also need to promote their independence. 

Rhod laughed at the seemingly paradoxical task. However, it really struck me. I have been a carer myself and never thought about how I was my client’s independence. I helped vulnerable people with the smallest duties, such as assisting them to stand up and other everyday activities that we often take for granted. I also remembered one client who was very difficult to get up in the morning. She did not like the fact that she needed assistance or people in her space. Unfortunately, carers are on a tight schedule, so they can’t find the essential time it takes to bond with the client. 

However, I did, and I started to acknowledge her resistance and reassured her with a friendly smile, leading her to open up. I noticed a trend, and on the days she would be eager to begin, she always started her mornings with a particular phrase. A phrase which I then repeated every day with a cheerful hello and a smile, and before she could sink into the bed covers, I would say, ‘rise for Jesus’. She always laughed and began to pick herself up, with my help, of course. 

There was no resistance. 

Rhod became increasingly nervous at the thought of providing personal care. He was scared and put off at the idea of helping another with such a private act. However, something amazing happened. His fear instantly disappears as he begins to bond with his client. They start laughing and joking, and eventually, it is like second nature. Rhod is assisting him with his personal care whilst having a friendly conversation. It is true what they say. You overthink it. We all overthink it. As soon as you walk into the room of the person you will be caring for, the bond begins, and the fear disappears. You know they need your help, so that is what you do. 

The training prepares you for personal care; it is the emotional part of the role that you are never trained for, but that is the best part of the job.

We see the beautiful, pure relationships Rhod develops with all the residents within the care home and the newfound respect he has for the staff that work there. You hear their wild stories, share hilarious conversations, and sometimes you are a comforting shoulder to cry on. 

To be a Care Worker takes more than physical labour. It is a mentally demanding role too. You must put your heart and soul into it. You become part of their community, a second family. To some of your clients, you and your co-workers are all they have.

In the end, we are introduced to Emma Pinnell, the Deputy Manager at College Fields Nursing Home, in which she voices her beautifully written poem, “Just a Carer”. It’s best to hear her deliver this first hand as the poem expressed just how valuable, essential, and rewarding being a Care Worker is to society.

This brought tears to both staff and residents, and admittedly, me. We also want to acknowledge the unpaid carers out there who have just as important a role. They, too, are the heroes behind the scenes, working hard with little recognition. Here at RefermyJobs, we want you to know that we recognise all of you and the essential work you do! We also want to inspire people to join in with the celebration of Carers Week, which runs every year between the 7th of June and the 13th! 

We want to encourage people who are thinking of working within the care industry to get involved and start your career today. You will be a part of a loving community!

Watch Emma reading her poem here: https://fb.watch/423mNtYrPN/.


Thank you for reading,