A Founders Blog - Meet The Founder

  • By: Richard Wan
  • Monday, April 4, 2022


My name is Richie and welcome to RefermyJobs.

The only agenda for my blogs is to share the early stage startup journey with you. I am currently at the late concept phase/early beta testing stage. There is no script or agenda and all accounts are coming out of my brain without sugar coating. I don't know where this journey will lead me but come experience the crazy highs and dark lows! The first few blogs will bring things up to date. 

I am way out of my comfort zone typing this as I am an introvert who has always felt more comfortable in the background. Characteristics perhaps not associated with a Recruitment Consultant!

The Recruitment Consultant Part
I started my recruitment career 13 years ago focusing on high volume temporary vacancies before moving into senior headhunting services. My background is customer service not sales so you can imagine day 1 in a KPI driven sales environment was a culture shock. The drive to meet monthly targets was relentless but I wanted to carve a career so launched myself into it.

It soon became apparent that referrals are a recruiters best friend. This gives us access to a hidden level of candidates not actively searching but will move for the right job opportunity. Majority of my recruitment was in niche sectors with a major turning point came via a referral.

I asked and was introduced to a senior candidate and within the space of 1 week I placed this person in a new role which shows the true value of a niche recruiter. Everyone in my team was happy as this was a big step to reaching my target, however, deep down I had a huge feeling of guilt on various levels.

First, my client was a small family business operating in a niche sector so their fee was in the region of £11,000! This was agreed prior to recruitment commencing and whilst they were delighted to be recruiting my candidate, hearing their voice drop over the invoice is something I won't forget.

Second, the original candidate who made the introduction for all of this to happen only earned £250 in high street vouchers.

I’m the first to admit that it takes time and experience to learn how to recruit properly but on some occasions there is an element of luck. After this scenario I began thinking how everyone knows different levels of candidates in a multitude of sectors. Referrals are not new and in my head RefermyJobs was born... I just didn't know or do anything about it!