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Money is paid directly into your bank account for every successful referral made.

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All you need is your friends email address.

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Receive your invite to join our online community. Here you'll have 24 hour early access to refer jobs and be the first to find out how we are embracing Web3.


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Browse the vacancies and refer great people to great companies. Your dashboard will be updated with each referrals progress.


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RefermyJobs will pay you once your referral is hired.

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Web1 was introduced in the mid-1990's. They were read only webpages with little to no interaction.

Web2 is the internet today. It has become more interactive as users can generate content (Instagram/Facebook/ YouTube etc.)

Web3 is the next generation of the internet. Data will be decentralised and follow blockchain technology.

Absolutely nothing! Create your free account today and start referring.

Your user interface on RefermyJobs will be automatically updated on each referral's progress.

You don’t need to. All you do is forward a job advert to someone you know and that person decides whether to apply or not. All we ask is you focus on quality referrals rather than quantity.

We transfer the money to your bank account once your referral reaches 1 month employment.

Provide us with more information so we can investigate further.

Our system only allows 1 job link to be sent per email address to avoid duplication and spam. We would recommend you speaking with the person to ensure they keep an eye on their emails.

Yes! Submit your own CV which will then be reviewed by our team. We will donate the referral fee to charity once you reach 1 month employment.