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Our Guarantee?

Save Money

If you don’t find the successful candidate from your job advert then there is no charge!

Quality Over Quantity

Every application will be manually reviewed by our experienced in-house team. Only those that meet your criteria are submitted to you.

Pay It Forward

RefermyJobs will either donate 80% of your advertising cost (on your behalf) to one of our local charity partners for every successful direct application, or we will pay that to the person who referred the candidate.


Our aim is to eliminate the high risk and cost associated with recruitment advertising. We believe it's time to make recruitment more affordable for all companies and to also redistribute money to help improve local communities.


No Hidden Charges

One Payment Plan

We guarantee that 100% of the referral fee will go to the successful referrer (or charity for direct applications).

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Step 1

Post Your Job

Decide how much you want to spend on your job advert. We would recommend increasing this amount for senior and niche vacancies as experienced candidates will be harder to find.


Step 2


Current job adverts are generating upwards of 100 applications. At RefermyJobs, our team of experienced recruitment consultants will manually review every CV to ensure only the very best candidates are submitted for your consideration.


Step 3


Select who you wish to interview from the approved candidates.


Step 4


You will only be charged if you make a successful hire. We will ensure the money is paid to the referrer or donated to charity.


Job boards normally have an up front charge of £150 to advertise. One of the hidden costs is who will be tasked with managing all the applications (which can be upwards of 100), and how much money do you spend re-advertising the same job should the right candidate not be sourced?

Recruitment agency fees vary but based on 15% of a £20,000 candidate salary then that will cost £3,000.

RefermyJobs are more than just a job board as our services resemble those of a recruitment agency. Every candidate is reviewed by our team to ensure only the most suitable are submitted to you.

Set your own budget over and above the minimum of £250 to post a job. We would recommend increasing this for senior and niche vacancies.

Of the £250, 80% becomes the referral fee which is paid to a referrer (or charity) with the remaining 20% being the administration fee.

The amount is paid 1 month following the start date of a candidates employment.

There is nothing to pay for any job advertisements listed on our site if you don’t find the right candidate.


Rest assured we do that for you. We charge you the amount due and will transfer the relevant money to the referrer or charity.

Absolutely. We understand that on occasions you will come across more than 1 exceptional candidate that you can’t pass on. Our admin fee stays the same so you only have to pay any additional referral fees. Contact our team who will be more than happy to assist.

Your job advert will be listed for 1 month.

Yes, we can submit every referral received at your request

Absolutely not. We are a job board who rely on the power of referrals. There may not always be the required experience you are looking for available on the market.

All card payments are encrypted and processed via Stripe. Their full security credentials can be found on https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe.

It's not.

The key for us is scalability. RefermyJobs also have multiple revenue streams so this allows us to keep the advertising side lean to benefit as many companies as possible. Our second revenue stream is a subscription based model where companies can receive unlimited advice from an experienced HR and recruitment team, check back late 2021/early 2022 for full details.