A Founders Blog - Creating A Vision

  • By: Richard Wan
  • Monday, April 11, 2022


I always start blogs by choosing a picture as it sets the tone. Google results showed me Vision from the Marvel Universe so as much as I’d love to use it, I didn’t want to get pulled up by anyone for copyright infringement! 

I’ll be writing about my company vision so what better way than showing what I may look like in 30 years time! If the app knew I worked in recruitment then I’m sure there would be more wrinkles.

Figuring Out The Mission Part
About 5 years have passed since the recruitment scenario in my first blog (weirdly the same duration as events with Thanos snapping his fingers) but it was something that kept playing over in my head. Why did I still feel guilty?

Before doing anything I had to decide what our company mission was as without this then we have no concept.

A lot of my clients try to recruit directly so I began looking at these problems first. The biggest hurdle is getting their job vacancy out there. After advertising on their own social media and website then it is time to go down the job board route. Budgets are tight so I thought it was crazy that they are spending hundreds of pounds on job adverts (sometimes thousands) as re-advertising jobs where no candidates are found is a common theme.

Majority of the time clients weren’t even getting out of the starting blocks so I wanted to provide the tools for them to attract staff but in a way that has to be cost effective.

Whilst RefermyJobs have numerous features, our main mission is clear - Eliminate the high risk and cost associated with job advertising.

Deciding On The Vision Part
Where do I want the business to be in the future? My first thought is I want the business to still be trading and making an impact. In order to answer that then I have to break down how our business impacts different groups:

For businesses advertising - Our process and billing has been designed with you at the heart of everything. We want to give you a platform to recruit staff without having to worry about cost. At times your advert won’t get anyone and that’s ok. Should that happen then there is no charge from RefermyJobs. You only pay for successful job adverts so we want you to try again and keep trying until you get someone. 

For people referring - With the cost of living rising to record levels, we invite everyone regardless of gender, race and all other protected characteristics to use RefermyJobs. Times are tough and we want to give you a platform to both support your friend into a job, and earn a side income

For charities - This was a natural inclusion in our process. We are a job board so on occasions where a candidate applies for themselves (and is successful), rather than keeping the money for ourselves then what better way than donating it to local charities? We appreciate and admire the hard work you do so this is our way of saying thank you. 

Our vision is clear: We believe job advertising can make a positive impact on small businesses and communities.