The 7 Second CV

Posted on: 11/03/2024

I've seen hundreds of candidates all spending time "designing" the perfect CV with graphics, grids, bar charts, images and the list goes on. What candidates need to realise is the content is far more important so don't cut corners.

A standard CV template is very effective as you have a very small window to make an impression with recruiters and hiring managers.

Here are some tips to make your CV grab their attention:

Personal Profile
If you could communicate a handful of information to a hiring manager then what would it be? The more personal you are the better you come across. I'd much rather read something like "I graduated with a Marketing degree but I had to spend a few years discovering what I really want to. I've now realised that customer service is what I really excel at and a career path I want to take." Bonus points is you are applying for customer service jobs.

It's far more effective and your personality is starting to come across!

Work Duties
Similar to the personal profile, you need to tell the reader what YOU did... not your team. So many CV's say something like: 
- I worked in sales and was the top sales person in my team.
- Sold point of sale services.
- Cold calling
These are very vague fluffy bullet points that has no substance.

Compare it with: 
- I had to research hotels within the Greater Glasgow area, then make first contact. 
- My aim was to establish who the decision maker was and understand the problems they had with point of sale hardware. 
- Once I knew that then I could begin to sell our brand new point of sale APP.

Unless you are going for a graduate job or something industry specific like medicine, architecture or accounts then your degree will not secure you an interview. List the qualification and where you obtained it is usually enough.

Skills/ Training
Like education, list them in relevance to the job you are applying for. 

The aim of the CV isn't to get you a job, but get you an interview!